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Name:Andrew McKee
Andrew McKee is an Original Character.

Andrew himself is a nine year old boy. He can often be found in the company of his dog, Bernie. The pair are best friends even if Andrew is willing to call a few others his friends as well.

Andrew happens to live with his Aunt Colleen and his Uncle John. Andrew has decided that when he grows up he wants to be just like his uncle because he has come to decide that detectives are really awesome.

His world is the kind of modern day Earth that you might find in a horror film. There is creeping darkness in the background. Monsters under the bed are real, magic is real too however humans are still winning out. There is still hope for whoever encounters a monsters that they will get out of it alive if they use their heads and have a little good luck.

Andrew himself has so far had the good luck to not meet a real monster under the bed. He has just heard stories because he listens too closely to things he shouldn't. He also happens to be a budding empath in a world that might not treat him so nicely so he has to learn to protect himself from the things that creep out there but that's okay because he has Bernie.

Get in contact with me here.

Disclaimer: I don't own much. Just the ideas that created Andrew McKee among other things. I am also not the actor I used for Andrew's PB David Dorfman. Nor do I own the rights toThe Ring (2002) which is where a majority of his icons come from.
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